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Craniosacral Therapist in Nashik

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on treatment that may provide relief from a variety of symptoms including headaches, neck pain and side effects of cancer treatment among many others. CST uses a gentle touch to examine for fluid movement and membranes inside and outside of the central nervous system. By removing pain and enhancing health and immunity, reducing central nervous system stress generates a sense of wellbeing. The main objective of CST is to relax the fascia, or connective tissue, of the body with the aid of gentle hand placement. The term fascia, which means “band” in Latin, refers to the covering of the body’s organs, glands, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, brain, and spinal cord. This covering creates a connected network throughout the body. CST is based on the idea that the body is interrelated at all levels interconnected. CST is believed to increase biological processes’ capacity for self-regulation, self-correction, and self-healing. The therapy works effectively for both adults and children. Uses of craniosacral therapy (CST): Compression in the head, neck, and back is supposed to be relieved by CST. This can relieve stress and anxiety and relieve physical and emotional suffering. Additionally, it may help to alleviate or release constraints in the head, neck, and nerves and to restore cranial mobility.

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